Wholesale Dice 

Now Wholesaleing Cool Dice and Accessories for Local Game Stores!

  • wholesale prices
  • exclusive inventory
  • low MOQ
  • color and style customization
  • dice set customization (D6s, D10s, D20s to support various game modules and maintain your store's edge) 
Wholesale metal dice - Custom Sets

We want you to be successful and we know business. Our bottom line is going to be your competitive advantage. 

From customization of dice colors, fast fulfillment, to even storing your molds for custom sets, we have the processes and the inventory you need to maintain your competitive edge. 

We also CREATE completely exclusive dice for stores that aren't available online and that we don't sell. 

 Have something specific in mind? Let us know! 


 Wholesale metal dice colors

Bags. Boxes. Beyond.

Customization provided! Containers, velvet bags, metal branded dice boxes, and more intricate chain mail dice bags.


We help you build your brand and stand out with some of the hottest dice accessories and sets on the market. 




Drop us a line and see how to grow your sales with competitive profit margins!