Coronavirus Update from RPGTs

….On how this may affect your order, and how it’s affecting the international community – my unprofessional analysis


For context in how you, reading this blog as an enthusiast of Tabletop RPGing fit into this picture (and how, even more specifically…had you ordered glitter dice why they may not be with you yet….) I’m going to give you some quick context:

RPGTs has 2 main dice creators we partner with – and as part of our international expansion strategy, we fill orders out of a distribution center in China. Most of our dice is currently being filled with no issues. However, the glitter dice is a smaller company which has been impacted by recent events and is working to return to normal operations.

This is a great way to frame what’s happening internationally so here we go:


With the coronavirus, everything is poised right now to either 


1) return again completely to normal, or, 


2) come to a screeching topple depending on any further quarantine measures enacted...


For now, RPGTs and nearly all the pieces and parts which support her is flowing. Most of our dice are being filled by a warehouse with the resources to enact the extensive government pandemic measures required to reopen and fill orders.



However, it is difficult for some smaller businesses to find the resources to do this and they’ve remained at the lowest levels of operations hoping to get back to full work after they know the risk of sinking thousands of dollars to reopen is worth it.  


There's a ton of financial pressure from the markets right now and the risk itself isn’t non-existent, but it isn’t death-threat level either at this stage of what we know about it. 


So everyone is asking the same question as they internally risk assess the next right move: What do you do?

The wildcard is that this is the point in time where other countries are going to begin enacting their own pandemic procedures and the international panic level will increase which usually leads to action, even if it’s not entirely effective action.   

I believe it's too late on any practical level to contain anything in China itself. Further pandemic measures will be more demonstrative than effective and will definitely impact the global economy more than we are enjoying right now. We shall see if the international community agrees or if the pressure on China to shut back down bogs down the process again. 

Currently, the production chain that creates the glitter dice line has been the most bogged down trying to restart.


If you are OK with waiting, your patience while allowing everyone to get back on their feet and fill orders will do a tremendous part in stabilizing the supply chain. This also helps out our glitter dice small business partners immensely as they are returning to work.  

And, when you finally do receive your dice (and you will – we guarantee that) - this 2020 excitement can be part of their story with you.  All of our other dice supply chain, wizarding house dice, glow in the dark dice, various colors dice, etc.. are currently up and running and they really appreciate your business too.


Little actions on the part of many people can make a profound impact. We are in that flow right now as an international community trying to make the right choices all connected by a vast supply chain affected by a new disease.


If your glitter dice order has been affected and you don’t want to wait (which is also perfectly fine) we will happily refund your order as always. Just send an email to

Thanks so much for your patience and for reading this! <3

If you are good with the wait, we want to say thanks for your business: take 15% off your next order using the coupon code: 15OFF2020

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+++ My undergrad is in geography and environmental sciences, and my work as well as entry into my career was the pandemic planning portion of business continuity. This was after the Avian Flu had worried everyone Very Much and so pandemic planning was being inserted into EVERYTHING.

That plus my experience as a business creator helps me frame this experience in a way that makes sense to me. I’m not saying I’m RIGHT – I’m merely saying this is how I see it.