A warm welcome & huzzah from us!

Hey there! We are Christa and Jay and we love to game! We game online and in person, and we love, love, love tabletop Roleplaying. 

Also - we are nerds with no shame about how much we love our nerdiness (i.e., that one time in the middle of a January Icelandic storm when we found a museum that let us DRESS UP and play with swords and shields for the afternoon. Stuffed polar bear for realistic dangerous scene enhancement).

RPGs are great because you get to use your imagination and create worlds and storylines and characters with your friends, creating experiences you just wouldn't have otherwise. We always explain it like you're writing a book with a group of people and one person acts as the overall scene builder and narrator. 

That's what RPGs are. 

We LOVE that! And we want to share that love with anyone who is quasi-curious about roleplaying because we had a really difficult time figuring out how to get INTO tabletop RPGs when WE first got started!

We didn't know anyone who might DM or GM for us, we only had a vague idea of what exactly that meant, and all the stats and sheets were confusing without context. 

After a few years of not really seeing an opportunity to try it out, a local gaming convention and some really warm players made it easy for us - but what if we didn't have that? 

We want to help reduce the barrier to entry and to make roleplaying a simple way for you to connect with friends and create experiences together you just wouldn't have otherwise!

If you're already playing, we want to make it BETTER by helping you really embrace roleplaying and the power of imaginative world-building with your friends and fellow adventurers. 

We curate items and share ideas to help enhance your role play and make your home the central point for a really old concept: Game Night. 

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