7 Tricks To: Great Gift-Giving!


Not to brag, but you’d love to receive a gift from me. Not just because you’d be receiving something you didn’t have before – but because you’re going to get something profoundly suited to celebrating you.

And isn’t that the trick to gift-giving? We get so wrapped up (you’re welcome) in this idea of THINGS NEED TO GO TO PEOPLE that we forget why we even do this mad dash in the first place.

So, let me pass along some ideas if you’re still racking your brain trying to figure out what to get an individual you care deeply about.


However, these aren’t your “top 10 items” but rather, a way to reframe the question so you can find an answer that is deeply satisfying to everyone without breaking the bank. Here we go:

1. Consider the person.

Focus. Take away your distractions, put down the phone, turn away from the computer, close the book, turn off the TV. You want to spend resources letting this person know they matter, so pause everything for 5 minutes while you reflect on what that looks like.

2. Think about your favorite memories with them. 

Write down the top three. What did you do? Where did you go? Why did you do the thing? What was the BEST moment of that whole experience? What was the worst?

  i. ______________________

  ii. ______________________

  iii. _____________________

 3. Now, write down your top 3 favorite things about that individual (personality, quirks, something they do, are, or participate in with passion)  

 i. ______________________

 ii. ______________________

 iii. ______________________

4. Reflect on the things you just wrote down. Circle 2 aspects you’d want to celebrate or call forth with your gift or activity

5. Think of an item or activity that is going to represent each of those circled items. IT COULD EVEN BE A CARD outlining all the reasons you just think they are AMAZING or why that memory was so profound for you

6. Pick one. This is like flipping a coin. One is going to zing and the other is going to feel meh. Do the one that sparks that zing internally that lets you know it’s RIGHT

7. Decide and execute. After all, perfectionism is the father of procrastination.

You may not get it perfect, but anything done well and calmly is much preferred to something thrown together just under the deadline. Buy it, reserve it, write it, wrap it, ship it or set it aside. Then, move on with your life and tackle your Next Great Task.

People like to hear that they matter, that what they do in the little moments have had some impact on you.


In the end, it is as simple and as complicated as that.

I hope this helps as you reflect on the last of your Christmas shopping coming up, and I hope you are wildly successful in communicating to your loved ones how much they matter.


We here at RPGTs think you are amazing and are doing powerful things. So keep doing them <3


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