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Coronavirus Update from RPGTs

….On how this may affect your order, and how it’s affecting the international community – my unprofessional analysis BACKGROUND For context in how you, reading this blog as an enthusiast of Tabletop RPGing fit into this picture (and how, even more specifically…had you ordered glitter dice why they may not be with you yet….) I’m going to give you some quick context:RPGTs has 2 main dice creators we partner with – and as part of our international expansion strategy, we fill orders out of a distribution center in China. Most of our dice is currently being filled with no issues. However, the glitter dice is a smaller company which has been impacted by recent events and is working to return to normal...

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Part 2: A New Year’s Resolution for RPGers

  Where we last left off I was busy convincing you that building your fellowship would be a worthy goal of the coming decade. And it is - but as with everything, the consistent execution is the most difficult part of even the best ideas. So here’s how I’m going out building my fellowship in 2020 and I hope my plans help you make yours. 1. Prioritize it.  I love planners. Luuuuuuv planners. And life is busy. If your life is a bit slammed like mine, or you like to procrastinate - write it down that you’re going to invest some time every week spending time building your fellowship. If you have great friends you need to do a better...

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Part 1: A New Year Resolutions for RPGers

This is it. Your time to shine and make the kind of New Years Resolution worthy of not just the coming New Year, but the new DECADE. I don’t know about you – but when I first started thinking about this, my initial thoughts were NOT ones of empowerment; instead, I was fairly positive I was going to miss the boat on any lofty goals worthy of a decade to skip right on past the anxiety that trying to live up to them would cause.I imagine you, dear reader, understand some of that energy. If there’s one thing I love about the community of RPGers – it’s that we all tend to have similar internal quirks which lead to PERFECT...

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